Arber Bio Protectant, 473 ml Concentrate (Organic Plant Food Fertilizer)

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Arber’s Bio Protectant is a 3-in-1 solution for organic gardening. Not your average plant food fertilizer, Arber Bio Protectant stimulates growth, increases yield, builds immunity and guards your outdoor gardens against major fungicidal diseases. Our patented, certified organic and biological ingredients will boost inherent defenses so that your plants can grow to new heights and protect themselves from challenging diseases. For greener leaves, bigger blooms, stronger roots and improved soil health. Get more bloom for your buck with our super concentrated formula – This 16 fl oz bottle yields up to 15 gallons of Plant Protectant.

Arber Bio Protectant, Organic Plant Food Fertilizer, 473 ml Concentrate

  • 473 ml Plant stimulant, plant fertilizer and disease protectant for outdoor gardening
  • OMRI Certified and Certified for Organic Gardening by NOP
  • Controls and Prevents powdery mildew, botrytis, black spot on rose, white mold, leaf spot, rust, and more
  • Use On: Vegetables, roses, fruits, berries, nuts, flowers, foliage, ornamental trees and shrubs

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