Blumat Easy (Bottle Adapter) XL, 2-Pack

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For short-term use over a few days, especially in the summer, it is best to use an ordinary plastic bottle attached using an adapter to the Blumat system. The water-filled bottle can be placed above the clay cone- in varying amounts, depending upon bottle size. The water is slowly but continually distributed through the porous clay wall of the cone and spreads gradually in the surrounding soil. This method can lighten the workload of watering in the summer.

A simple watering system with a constant water release, specially designed for patio or garden plants.

Almost all standard 0.25 liter to 2 liter plastic bottle fit the adapter.

2x Universal Bottle Adapter, 0,3l/24h

Blumats are so much easier to refill: just cut the bottom off plastic bottle and fill with your regular watering can. (No reason to go back and forth from your sink so many times.) Better than the globe spikes because these disperse the water evenly, not just through a hole in the bottom. Just fit this adapter into almost any standard plastic bottle, fill the bottle with water and push into the soil near a plant. The porous cone will slowly start to distribute water throughout the day.

The regular size does about 200 milliliters (.43 pints) during a 24-hour period. The XL, larger size does about 300 milliliters (.63 pints).

  • Recycle plastic bottles
  • Keep the soil moist
  • Less expensive
  • Higher quality
  • Easy to add on and use

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