Gromore Organic Seaweed Fertilizer سماد الطحالب السائل

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Gromore “Seaweed Fertilizer”

Gromore “Seaweed Fertilizer” is a unique, eco-friendly, natural and biodegradable organic fertilizer derived from naturally occurring selected seaweeds. It’s highly nutritious components are balanced with active biomolecules like amino acid, nitrogen, potassium, etc in its natural forms which help in better plant growth.

Direction of Use:

Seaweed Fertilizer can be used every 10-15 days in your garden.

Seed germination & potting mix: Mix 3-4 ml of Seaweed Fertilzer with 1 Liter of water, and pour it to the potting mix.

Fruits & Vegetable Plants:Mix 3-4 ml of seaweed fertilizer with 1 Liter of water, and apply it to the plants, either pour it directly into the soil or spray the plant with it.

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