Inicium Rooter (Organic) محفز الجذور العضوي

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Inicium® is a completely new product based on characterised peptides of low molecular weight, with great root activity. The low molecular weight peptides of Inicium® activate the proteins that act on stress related to transplanting.


  • Development of a powerful root system (roots and root hairs)
  • Helps plants to overcome stress during transplanting
  • Advances the development of the initial phases
  • A totally natural product, free from hormones

Application time

It is recommended to apply at transplantation, in young trees and in adult trees with root problems.


Low molecular-weight peptides
Organic Matter40%  (w/w)
Total nitrogen (N)5,5% (w/w)
Organic nitrogen (N)5,5% (w/w)



Origin: Spain
Type of fertilizer: Bio-stimulant or any other
Volume: 1 L
Recommended dosage: 6 ml / litre

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