Jobe’s Organics Rose Granular Plant Food, (1.8 kg)

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NPK: 3-4-3

This Jobe’s Organics Knock-Out Rose Granular Plant Food, 4 lb Bag offers a simple method for keeping plants healthy and robust. With a blend of beneficial microorganisms, it will improve the quality of soil long term. This Jobe’s fertilizer is organic and is even OMRI listed for organic gardening. It is both kid and pet friendly being free of harmful chemicals that could burn plants. This formula is also fast acting, so plants will be happier right away. The food is easy to use, just pour and go. Let this plant food help keep your flowers looking vibrant all season long.
Jobes Knockout Rose:

  • Easy, environmentally friendly option for keeping plants healthy
  • Contains a proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms which will improve soil quality long term
  • Organic mix that is OMRI listed
  • Organic fertilizer is kid and pet friendly
  • Fast acting

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Weight1.8 kg