Millionaire Tomato-بذور طماطم المليونير بيف ستيك

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We are proud to introduce this legendary old timey beefsteak type from the Ozarks. Popular with Ozark homesteaders and gardeners for over 70 years, thanks to incredible flavor and fruit quality. This classic throwback reminds us of the tasty tomatoes from childhood, far from bland and so incredibly juicy! These were used fresh and for canning; they have a delectable, sweet flavor and are a beautiful coral-pink color. In the summer of 1950, Forrester Hutsell, of Mountain Grove, Missouri, gave seed to Ed Henson, of Champion, Missouri, and it was grown in this Ozark hamlet for many years. In 1995, Carol Cleveland, of Norwood, Missouri, sent Millionaire seeds to Neil Gillard, of Ontario, Canada, and he has been preserving it since. He sent us some seed a few years ago for trials. After many years and many miles, we can at last offer the seed again in southern Missouri, just 20 miles from Mountain Grove! We have had several requests for this variety from Ozarkians who can remember this variety from the 1950s.

Minimum Seed Count: 25

“Description courtesy of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds/ “.


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