Polysulphate 0-0-14 (25kg) سماد بولي سلفات العضوي عالي البوتاسيوم

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Polysulphate® is a new fertilizer, high in sulfate, available in its natural state, and mined in the UK. A unique benefit is its additional natural content of other macronutrients.

Polysulphate comes from the polyhalite layer of rock, over 3,300 ft below the North Sea off the North Yorkshire coast in the UK. Deposited 260 million years ago, it lies 490-560 ft below the potash seam at the Cleveland Potash Boulby Mine.

  • The 4-in1 fertilizer containing K, S, Mg and Ca
  • Natural source for all crops
  • Fully soluble with all nutrients available for plant uptake
  • Ideal for chloride sensitive crops
  • Increases yield by up to 40%
  • Approved for organic agriculture
  • Low carbon footprint

Polysulphate is a natural mineral from underneath the North Sea that contains four minerals: Sulfur, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium. It is a single complex crystal, totally natural and is ready to be used straight from the mines on your field.


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