Ranunculus Buttercup Bulbs

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Our mixed ranunculus in shades of yellow, white, red, orange, cream and pink do well in summer garden beds and containers. These unique and elegant flowers are ideal for cutting and will brighten bouquets and centerpieces. A symbol of radiant charm.
*These bulbs will need at least 4-6 weeks of cool (evening 40-50° & daytime 60-75°) weather to sprout. If too warm, they will stay dormant. Can take 6-8 weeks to sprout.  Zones 4-7 plant in spring/ Zones 8-11 plant in fall.


How to Grow Ranunculus Bulbs?

Gardeners in hardiness zones 4-7 will have the best success with planting ranunculus bulbs in spring. Plan to plant ranunculus after the danger of frost has past, but before temperatures are above 70 degrees on a consistent daily basis. Ranuculus can be started indoors in a cool setting prior to moving outdoors when temperatures are favorable for the conditions they need.

Grow ranunculus in a full to part sun location in soil that drains well. Plant the bulbs 2″ below the soil surface and water after planting. Prior to sprouting the bulbs do not require additional water. The bulbs may take 6-8 weeks to sprout and will remain dormant if planted when the temperatures are too warm. If planted in proper growing conditions expect the ranunculus to bloom in late summer.

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