SuperCal – Pelletized Gypsum(22.5kg) سماد الكالسيوم العضوي المدعم بالكبريت

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Pelletized Gypsum – 21% Calcium and 17% Sulfur

SO4 is a pelletized dyhidrate gypsum that repairs sodic soils, improving water infiltration and overall turf health. It is pelletized for ideal spread and solubility. SO4’s purity makes it work more completely than other pelletized gypsums.

SO4 – Fairway Grade/Standard – largest granular with an average of 300 SGN.

  • 50 lb bag.
  • SuperCal 98G is a finely ground pure limestone that is prilled for ease of use.
  • It will deliver a high concentration of calcium to the soil.
  • Calcium, a vital secondary nutrient, is required by plants for sound growth and vigor.

Guaranteed Analysis: 38% Calcium