Suståne 4-6-4 All Natural Plant Food-(2.27 kg) سماد عضوي عالي الفسفور

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5 lbs. per Bag – The ideal fertilizer for all flowers and vegetables. Works great in potting soils!

  • All natural, concentrated compost fertilizer that is high in organic content and rich in humic acids
  • Perfect for soil preparation of vegetable & flower bed, incorporating into potting soils, and for overall soil building.

Sustane 4-6-4 All Natural Fertilizer promotes a rapid rate of vegetative establishment. Suståne replenishes the soil with a rich supply of humus (stabilized organic matter) and all the essential nutrients required for quality growth. Suståne Increases the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil, while Strengthens plants tolerance against hot dry conditions. Suståne 4-6-4 All Natural provides a combination of plant nutrients and organic substances derived from biologically stable compost plus natural potash and feather meal. OMRI Listed

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