TARASOIL CALCIO -5L- سماد الكاليسيوم السائل (عضوي)

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TARASOIL CALCIO is an excellent salinity corrector based on calcium complexed with lignosulphonates which facilitates its assimilation and rich in fulvic acids which improve the physico-chemical properties of the soil such as the cation exchange capacity (CIC) by displacing sodium ions ( Na) of the humic clay complex and thus activating the assimilation of other soil nutrients necessary for the plant.
Composition :
- 8.5% w/w Nitrogen (N) total
8.5% w/w Nitrogen ( N ) nitric
- 16% w/w Calcium Oxide (CaO) Soluble
In water
- 24% w/p Fulvic acids

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