TriTek® Insecticide, Fungicide, Miticide مبيد حشري عناكبي وفطري (عضوي)

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TRITEK, used alone or in combination with other products, is a highly effective control for a broad
range of crops and pests. TRITEK’s mode of action is primarily through the suffocation of eggs,
larvae, nymphs and adults of soft bodied insects. TRITEK controls a wide range of mite and insect
pests in the egg stage such as: spider and eriophyid mites, armored and soft scales, mealy bugs,
psyllids, whiteflies, aphids, leafrollers, leaftiers, webworms, cankerworms, plant bugs, leafhoppers,
and adelgids.

TRITEK is OMRI listed and meets or exceeds most worldwide standards for agricultural spray oils.

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