Wakefield Compost HERO Biochar and mycorrhizal fungi – 680 grams Bag

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Better Compost. Better World.

Wakefield Compost HERO is made with premium quality biochar, organic compost and mycorrhizal fungi to ensure the best possible experience. Wakefield HERO blend is 20% biochar. Premium biochar provides an organic answer to reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and naturally increases microbial activity in the soil. This is a long-term solution that will benefit the soil for 100’s of years. All you need to do is mix it into existing soil to get started.

The HERO line of soil amendments includes premium, organic compost and mycorrhizal fungi to ramp up the microbial activity, water retention and your soil’s ability to feed your plants. With mycorrhizal fungi you are also reducing the environmental stresses on your plants. Wakefield Compost HERO is truly a premium, organic product that will deliver fantastic results.

  • Healthier Soil = Healthier Plants
    Encourages micro-organisms to thrive in your soil. Increases nitrogen and other important nutrients.
  • Water Retention
    Superior water retention with biochar and compost
  • Absorbs Nitrogen
  • Increases microbial activity with mycorrhizal fungi
  • Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers
  • Neutralizes soil pH
  • Maximizes crop yield
  • Improves seed germination
  • Long-lasting love for your soil
    Biochar benefits the soil for 100’s of years
  • The Biochar Bonus! Biochar helps reduce our impact on global warming.
    Biochar returns carbon back to the soil that would’ve been released as greenhouse gases. This process is called carbon sequestration.

How To Use Wakefield Compost HERO

Wakefield is keeping it simple. Just mix Compost HERO Biochar Blend into ~10% by volume of your soil. Add seeds or starter plants and some water. Then tend and care for your garden as you normally would.


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