Wakefield Organic Biochar 450 grams – فحم نباتي العضوي

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Wakefield Biochar Soil Conditioner – 1 lb (450 grams)bag

  •  1-pound bag helps your plants get the nutrients they need with this soil conditioner
  • Organic pine wood biochar returns carbon to your soil
  • The 1 bags should be added as a 5 to 10% mix of your soil
  • Improves water retention, microbial activity, and nitrogen absorption
  • Approved by USDA as a Certified Biobased Product

Why purchase a 1 pound bag of Biochar? A one pound bag is very useful for flower boxes and small garden areas. Mix biochar to a 5% mix of the plantable soil you are conditioning. The added biochar will support greater water retention, increased microbial activity, better nitrogen absorption and it will continue to improve your soil year after year. More gardeners are using biochar every year as they see a decreased need for other fertilizers to maintain a healthy soil for all of their plantings. A 1 lb bag of biochar is ~2 quarts in volume. It can also be very successful in lawncare where you have patches that need new seed or attention because of unhealthy soil. Wakefield Biochar Soil Conditioner is approved by the USDA as Certified Biobased Product. Consider using a bag in any of these projects: Any kind of potted plant can use biochar. Flower beds and bushes around the house Patching the lawn that needs reseeding New tree seedlings and smaller trees being replanted benefit from a biochar rich soil to support strong root growth. Do you compost? Great, add biochar to your compost pile to speed up the composting process and reduce odors. FYI… Not that this has anything to do with plants but you can also use about 2 cups of biochar in your cat litter and it will take away almost all of the odor. How does biochar make a difference? Biochar is manufactured to specifically support soil health. Wakefield uses organic material (pine wood in this product) and converts it to almost a pure carbon material that has no chemicals and no synthetic additives. This is an organic solution to soil health that works!  When biochar is created it has an amazing amount of pores to retain water which improves its drought tolerance. Biochar has some special characteristics that allow it to also hold on to nitrogen that would’ve been released into the air. And, the micro-organisms and bacteria in the soil start to feed on this additional water and nitrogen.

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